Why our customers love us:

While our offerings may have changed, our commitment to customer service has remained our top priority. With a fully staffed customer service department in every location, we answer your questions quickly and on-demand. No need to wait days for an answer. We have you covered. We work hard to partner with your business to meet all of your chemical raw material needs through fast delivery and innovative solutions. Whether you’re in the market for solvents, resins, custom blending or bulk storage, every Whitaker customer benefits from our industry experience, investments in technology and our promise to always do the right thing. Experience the Whitaker difference.
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Onsite Tank Storage
With 82 tanks – our largest at 360,000 gallons — at our various sites, we can store almost 3 million gallons of bulk liquids storage. This means we have the products you need on hand when you need them.




Product Packaging
By packaging your materials, even flammable products, in containers that meet your needs, we can help you minimize risks and maximize your workforce. Packaging options examples include 5-gallon, 1-gallon, quart and 22 ounce containers. We have these capabilities at multiple locations and can customize to fit your needs.


Contract Warehousing and Shipping
We own over 300,000 square feet of storage space, which can be leased out to our customers.

Private Labeling
By partnering with Whitaker, we can private label your chemicals and help protect your brand while helping you achieve significant cost savings.


Custom Blending
We have a variety of blend tanks that allow us to custom blend and package in sizes ranging from full tank trucks down to your smallest container sizes. You can count on us to create your blends safely and consistently, all while providing the necessary customized SDS with your product and name.


Blend Formulation Consulting
By tapping into our technical expertise, our experienced staff can assist you in product reformulation for improved performance or to meet new regulatory requirements.


Broad Delivery Options
We have a Whitaker fleet of trucks, ISO tankers, tankers, trailers and rail cars. Whitaker employs our own team of drivers. This gives us the ability and flexibility to get your products to you without delay.